Texture-Krete 2000


Texture-Krete 2000

TEXTURE KRETE 2000 is an acrylic 2 part deck system that provides a durable/stain resistant surface when properly sealed. Texture Krete 2000 is cool and comfortable to bare feet. This low maintenance surface will give properly prepared concrete years of service while retaining its beauty. Texture Krete 2000 comes with a Five (5) year MFR Warranty when used in conjunction with ICT Color Seal H2O Pro, Color Fast, Water Shades, Solvent Shades along with an appropriate ICT Clear Sealer as a Top Coat. Texture Krete 2000 can be used in Light Traffic or High Traffic areas such as walkways, patios, pool decks, garage floors and driveways.

CONCENTRATE cropped_compressed
Liquid Resin Concentrate
A formulated blend of 100% acrylic resins and additives that enhance the performance and durability of the Texture-Krete 2000 overlay system. The high solid (46% +/-1) concentrated resin formula is designed to be the most economical. The ready-to-use formula is designed for convenience.
Available in 1 and  5 gallons
Product #650


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Deck Mix
Deck Mix is ICT's two part knockdown and hand troweled (Texture-Krete 2000) system. It is a unique blend of cement, mineral aggregates, polymer and chemicals, that when mixed with ICT's Liquid Resin, forms a dense, cool and slip-resistant surface.
Uses include:
New and existing Concrete Surfaces, Pool Decks, Patios, Walkways, Garage Floors, and Driveways. Commercial and Residential Application.

Available in 50lb bags
Product #640

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Color Fast
This liquid integral color additive is designed to incorporate into all ICT Deck Systems. When blended with ICT Liquid Resin, Deck Mix H2O, or Stamp It 4000, Color Fast additive allows the user to create most of ICT colors for use as bases (grout lines) and colored texture, hand troweled, and stamp finishes. Available in 16 Stock Colors.
Available in 12 oz containers and 64 oz concentratrated blend
Product #690

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MSDS Color Fast additive

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Color Seal H2O Pro
A blend of 100% non blushing, deep penetrating true acrylic resin. This durable, quick drying formula is environmentally friendly, resists water and UV light and easy to apply. For commercial and residential use, Color Seal H2O is ideal for pool decks, patios, walkways, and driveways. Available in 18 Stock Colors and Custom colors available.

Available in 1 and 5 gallons
Product #220




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Water Shades
A friendly alternative to concrete acid stains, this water based stain is designed to enhance the natural look and unique profile of concrete or masonry surfaces. ICT Water shades can be used in a variety of different methods to obtain an original, one of a kind finish with an artistic edge. Besides new and existing concrete surfaces, ICT Water Shades was also developed to work in conjunction with ICT Texture-Krete 2000, Stamp It 4000 and other overlay systems. Perfect for pool decks, porches, patios, interior floors (commercial and residential) and all other properly prepared concrete and masonry surfaces.

Available in 1 gallon containers in 11 Stock Colors
Product #310


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MSDS watershades

SOLVENT SHADES cropped_compressed
Solvent Shades

Color additive for use with Crystal Coat SB. Available in select Semi Transparent and Solid Color options.

Available in 1 quart containers in 13 Stock Colors
Product #131

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A Final clear seal top coat can be used to increase the strength, durability, and lifespan of the decorative finish. The use of one of the several ICT Clear Seals is recommended.

Choose which one is perfect for you!

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