New English Walnut Color!

New English Walnut Color!

Introducing English Walnut color for concrete staining and sealing

ICT announces a new English Walnut semi-transparent color option for Ure-Shades and Water Shades. Featuring the rich, warm tones of classic English walnut wood, English Walnut adds to ICT's wide selection of semi-transparent color choices for concrete staining and sealing.

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Container of Ure-Shades

Ure-Shades is a color additive specially designed to be used with ICT's high-performance urethane sealer, Ure-Seal H₂O. Combined with one of Ure-Shades' 13 semi-transparent color optionsUre-Seal H₂O can create a pigmented protective coating on a variety of surfaces and high-traffic areas, including countertops, decorative concrete, concrete hardscapes, brick pavers, and more. 

Container of Water Shield

Water Shades is a water-based stain designed to enhance the natural look and profile of concrete or masonry surfaces. Developed to work conjunction with ICT's Texture-Krete 2000Stamp It 4000, and other overlay systems, Water Shades is commonly used on pool decks, porches, patios, commercial and residential floors, and other properly prepared concrete and masonry surfaces. Water Shades is available in 15 semi-transparent colors.

ICT's new English Walnut semi-transparent color option is available now for both Ure-Shades and Water Shades. Please contact your local distributor of ICT products for pricing information. For other questions or help finding a distributor in your area, please contact us.

Please note: Product colors may not display accurately on all device screens. To order a printed color selector with precise colors, click here.

Sealed paver driveway photo provided by Wintz Enterprises.


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