When you bring ICT products to your clients' homes and businesses, you're using the highest quality products backed by best-in-class technical support and quality assurance. Since 1996, we've stood firmly by our products, and we love answering questions that may arise on the job.


Wholesale pricing is often available at your local distributor of ICT products. For more information on contractor pricing and to locate a distributor near you, please contact


We are also proud to offer education opportunities for contractors in the form of instructional how-to videos and in-person product demos and certificated training seminars.

Show Your Work

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Brand Resources

Contractors like you take pride in offering the highest-quality products to their customers and often wish to promote the products they use on their company website and other promotional materials. This resource page serves as a guide for anyone looking to use our brand assets correctly and consistently. By following these guidelines, you can help maintain the integrity and recognition of our brand across all channels.

Our logo is the most recognizable element of our brand. It represents our values, quality, and commitment to excellence. To ensure proper usage, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Use the high-resolution logo files available for download on this page.
  2. Do not alter, distort, or modify the logo in any way.
  3. Maintain clear space around the logo to preserve its visibility and impact.
  4. Use the appropriate color version of the logo as specified in the brand guidelines.
  5. Before publishing or printing, please contact us to submit a request for permission when you need to use ICT brand assets.

ICT Product Family Logos