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This page is a resource for sales and technical representatives of ICT. Please bookmark this page for future reference. It can also be access by visit If you have need immediate assistance, please contact the ICT office at 863-665-8787.

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Request Samples & Literature

Please use the forms below to request samples and literature. If you have any questions, please contact Alyshia Liz at

> Literature Request Form

> Sample Request Form

Digital Flyers & Brochures

We're happy to send the printed literature that you need in order to promote ICT's products. However, if a client requests a digital version of our literature, the files below can used. Please note that these files have been reduced in size and are not ideal for printing. If you need a high-resolution version for printing or have any other questions, please contact Alyshia Liz at

8.5" x 11" Flyers


ICT Rewards Program

ICT Rewards is a new customer loyalty program that allows contractors to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes. This program is operated on the ICT website and can be easily accessed at

Here is an overview of the ICT Rewards program:

  • Earning Points: There are several ways points can be earned. Contractors can earn 1 point for every $1 they spend on ICT products. They can also earn points by submitting high quality photos/videos of our products being used or sharing their work using ICT products on social media.
  • Requesting Points: On the Earn ICT Rewards Points page, contractors can sign up for the ICT Rewards program and submit requests for points along with their proof of purchase, photos, and videos.
  • Redeem Points: Points can redeemed for a variety of prizes by submitting redemption requests through the Redeem ICT Rewards Points page. Prizes are available at several point tiers in order to reward contractors at every level of engagement. Click here to view all available prizes.


  • This rewards program is only available to professional contractors. Distributors and homeowners do not qualify.
  • Points cannot be earned on purchases or social media posts made before 2024, however high resolution videos or photos taken before 2024 can be submitted for points.
  • Points cannot be combined with any other rewards programs.
  • Members of the rewards program can view and manage their points on our website. In order to do so, they will also need to create an account on our website after signing up for the rewards program.

Promotional Materials

Please use the Literature Request Form to request printed marketing materials. Digital versions are available below:

ICT Staff Directory

Office Phone: (863) 665-8787
Office Email:

Alex Metrovich
(863) 698-6602

Tish Metrovich
VP / Operations Manager
(863) 665-8787

Mark Holt
Product Manager / Support
(863) 665-8787

Patrick Clary
Vice President of Sales
(972) 632-9607

Jose Matute
Outside Sales (Southwest US Territory)
(863) 660-0445

Chad Tallent
Outside Sales (Midwest US Territory)
(863) 660-8036

Ryan Golub
Outside Sales (Florida)
(863) 698-0203

Stefan Miller
Outside Sales (Southeast US Territory)
(863) 347-8958

Jeremiah Brock
Outside Sales (Southwest US Territory)
(863) 397-5722

Alyshia Liz
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
(863) 665-8787

Megan Towner
Shipping / Receiving
(863) 665-8787

Katie Hannah
Shipping / Receiving
(863) 665-8787

Katrina Pietraskiewicz
Accounts Payable / Receivable
(863) 665-8787

ICT Events

View upcoming events on our event page at

Technical Support

For internal ICT reps only!
Jupiter 2
(216) 503-3636 Option 1