Texture-Krete 2000

TEXTURE KRETE 2000 is an acrylic 2 part deck system that provides a durable/stain resistant surface when properly sealed. Texture Krete 2000 is cool and comfortable to bare feet. This low maintenance surface will give properly prepared concrete years of service while retaining its beauty. Texture Krete 2000 comes with a Five (5) year MFR Warranty when used in conjunction with ICT Color Seal H2O Pro, Color Fast, Water Shades, Solvent Shades along with an appropriate ICT Clear Sealer as a Top Coat. Texture Krete 2000 can be used in Light Traffic or High Traffic areas such as walkways, patios, pool decks, garage floors and driveways.

Products Used:

Liquid Resin Concentrate
Color Seal H2Cool
Deck Mix
Deck Mix H2O
Sure Grip