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Diamond Dust - Slip-Resistant Additive

Diamond Dust - Slip-Resistant Additive

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Diamond Dust is a micronized polybead designed to aid in creating a non-skid surface. Diamond Dust is designed to be used as an additive when "rolling-on" an ICT sealer, such as Color SealCrystal Clear HO, and Crystal Coat SB.

Diamond Dust should not be used when applying a sealer with a sprayer as additives like Diamond Dust can create clogs. Instead, use Extreme Grip to add slip resistance to a "sprayed-on" sealer. Extreme Grip is broadcasted by hand while a top coat clear sealer is still curing on the surface.

Diamond Dust is available in two convenient sizes, pre-measured to accommodate 1 and 5 gallon containers. 0.2 lb for 1 gallon of sealer and 1 lb for 5 gallons of sealer. For bulk pricing, please contact us.


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